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Katy Erent, CNP

Purely Rooted was founded in 2016 when I graduated from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. The journey of discovering where I see myself contributing to humanity and the Earth comes with no lack of trial and error of self discovery and growth. The nutrition field is fascinating and I am constantly devouring the knowledge and educating others on their own path in health and healing both spiritually and physically. I go with the ebbs and flows of life and have been challenged in my own health spiritually, mentally and physically, as most humans do experience. This has given me the tools to help you in your path of healing. 

I believe there are fundamental essential needs of every human and sometimes we loose track of those important structures that hold us together, or sometimes we are completely unaware of them at all. Of course the rules of nutrition and well-being always seem to have a few exceptions which is what making being a nutritionist interesting, but I am firm believer in everyone as an individual has their own unique puzzle to their wellness and I help them to figure it out.

Through this journey I have expanded my love for gardening for myself to gardening for you. I was on the board of directors for free spirit gardens and helped develop the community gardens in Collingwood and also participated in the Collingwood farmers market selling tomato seedlings. The experience of the market and my genuine belief in the absolute necessity in growing our own food and eating organic vegetables has given me the inspiration to expand this love by offering a larger diversity in seedlings and vegetables by connecting with local farmers and sharing in the experience of producing heirloom, organic vegetables and delivering them to your door.

Naturally, nutrition, my passion for cooking and my love for helping others lead me to cook for others. I have privately cooked and delivered food to people throughout the past few years and really enjoy this complementary aspect to my business. 

Finally,  the management of my own stress levels and understanding the effects of what stress can do to the body and mind, I have through the years discovered some very important de-stressing techniques. One of the techniques is physical touch through massage. I really appreciate the teachings of the traditional medicine Ayurveda that has been around for thousands of years and from there is where I discovered Ayurvedic head massage, the most relaxing massage I have ever experienced. 

I look forward to working with you as a nutritional practitioner, gardener, natural holistic chef and Ayurvedic head massage practitioner.