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There is no greater pleasure than nourishing others with one of the greatest pleasures we have on Earth, FOOD.   

Prepared food delivery

Offering nutritionally dense and delicious homemade food catering to dietary restrictions, food allergies and of course preference. All menus are done entirely personalized to the clients vision while working with the seasons. 

What I believe in

A big part of what I strive to do is incorporate education in to the experience. It's really what changed things for me. Once I knew what to eat and more importantly WHY, my horizons expanded. The guests experience is enhanced by Registered Holistic Nutrition wealth of knowledge.

I try to source as locally as possible, supporting our local farmers which in tern has a lesser carbon foot print and also contributes to growing our community of like minded and conscious people. 

Finally, the event industry can be a very wasteful place and that just does not resonate with me so it is my goal to redefine and modernize the catering space. I use all eco-friendly and bio-degradable plates and cutlery when those are essential. Consumers lead the shift and I think it's very important that we have a smaller environmental footprint.


Catering tailored exactly to the clients desired requests. Purely Rooted, the brand focuses on mainly plant-based foods while specializing in holistic touches. Of course, sourcing ethically raised meat and sustainably raised seafood from local business is also welcomed. Purely Rooted specializes in catering everything from week long events to one off day events. Whether you are hoping for a 3 course meal or a backyard BBQ, I can help co-create your vision and inspire a successful and delicious event

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