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Gardeners Delight Cherry Tomato

This sprawling tomato plant produces hundreds of clustered cherry tomatoes! Each group is made up of 8-12 tomatoes, which all boast a classic tomato flavour. These tomatoes will just keep producing all summer long. Crack resistant, incredibly sweet flavour and very prolific!!

watermelon beefsteak.jpg

Watermelon Beefsteak

An old heirloom tomato from the 1800's. HUGE tomato! 1-2 lbs each. Pink tomato that is very sweet, meaty, juicy and flavourful. Perfect for a tomato sandwich, you only need one thick slice

persimmon tomato.jpg

Persimmon Tomato

Heirloom Tomato grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1781. This plant bears HUGE, beefsteak-type, slicing Tomatoes that ripen toward the end of summer. The lovely, peachy-orange colors make this tomato perfect for colorful platters of fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Tomato salad OR perfect for our favourite tomato sandwich, Very few seeds and sweet fruity flavours.

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mortgage lifter.jpg

Old German Tomato

Heirloom tomato that orginated in a mennonite community in Virginia in 1985. This beautifully bi-coloured fruit with golden yellow and reddish stripes makes it so unique. HUGE fruits boasts 1-2lbs or more easily. Sweet and well balanced flavours.

Box car Willie Tomato

This old-timer might become your main crop variety. Prolific yields of smooth, reddish-orange fruits average 10 to 16 oz. each. With an old-fashioned flavor you'll remember from childhood, these high-yielding, multi-use tomatoes will last throughout the season and are ideal for canning, freezing or for home-cooked meals. Crack resistant. Very prolific. Sweet yet tart flavour.

Big Red Tomato

Heirloom tomato. Old fashion home grown taste. Big, hearty, prolific plant with HUGE, beautiful, red, beefsteak tomatoes. Great for sandwiches or salads.

Earl of Edgecombe

Heirloom tomato. When the 6th Earl of Edgecombe died in the 1960's, the heir to the title of 7th Earl was a relative in New Zealand who was a sheep farmer at the time. When he traveled to England to claim the title, he brought this tomato with him. The seeds for this New Zealand heirloom were made available through Dr. Carolyn Male, who found it the best of her 1996 seed trials. The smooth, 3-inch, round, uniformly ripening fruits are beautiful orange globes, typically borne in clusters of two or more. Flesh is firm, meaty and exceptionally flavorful with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidic.

Black Prince Tomato

Heirloom. The crop is early and prolific. This heirloom is suited for patio gardens. Black Prince has a deep and sweet flavour that is unbeatable for eating fresh or used in cooking. Medium in size and ripen to beautiful deep garnet red with some dark chocolate brown and black. These smooth, round tomatoes are juicy and have a rich flavour that makes them score well in taste tests. It should be harvested when its upper half has turned dark but still shows traces of green.

Mortgage Lifter

Heirloom. Can produce 2 1/2 lb fruits. Dark pink in colour, have very few seeds and is quite meaty, making this tomato the perfect sandwich tomato. Fruit is plentiful throughout the growing season. Very interesting history to the namesake. 

caro rich.jpg

Caro Rich

Large, beefsteak-type, 10 to 12 oz fruits get their deep golden-orange color from their high vitamin content, particularly that of beta-carotene (10 times as much as most tomatoes). Very low in acid for nice, sweet flavor. Heavy production of 3-1/2", nearly globe-shaped, smooth fruits.

All tomatoes are organic seeds and grown organically. $4 each

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